Samat Galimov

русская версия (Russian)

I am CTO at — a Russian news media outlet based in Riga, Latvia (profile by The Guardian and by Buzzfeed). We build websites, iOS and Android mobile apps and a lot of HTML5 games.

I am also CTO for Artdocfest documentatry film festival. Artdocmedia online movie database is one of our projects.

I have coded algorithms and programmed. I have experience managing networks, servers and developers. Communication is my strongest skill.

I am available for consulting. Let me know if you need help with technological matters. Write me at [email protected] or ping me at any social network.

Tatar is my mother tongue. I am native Russian speaker. I also speak English and Turkish.

I live in Riga and I am a proud father of two beautiful daugters. I am interested in home schooling and Waldorf education.

I blog about my work in the @ctodaily telegram channel (in Russian) and write about building Meduza in it's dev blog (also in Russian).